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How can I use Garden State Greenways?


Garden State Greenways can be used to:

  • Create or update an open space plan. Garden State Greenways can be used to establish planning goals and provide natural resource information for an open space plan. For information on how to prepare an open space plan see ANJEC’s resource paper Open Space Plan.

  • Apply for Green Acres Planning Incentive (PI) grants. The State Green Acres program provides grants to counties and municipalities to acquire parkland. The PI grant requires an up to date open space plan. Garden State Greenways can be used to create or update a plan for submission to Green Acres.
  • Apply for a State Farmland Program Planning Incentive Grant (PIG). The state farmland program funds farmland preservation. Garden State Greenways provides information that is needed to apply to the program.

  • Identify, target or prioritize tracts of land for preservation. Areas of interest can be assessed based upon a number of natural resource characteristics using the interactive mapping, downloadable GIS data, and the GIS based planning tool available on this site.

  • Provide the regional context to local or muncipal Open Space Plans. Garden State Greenways provides maps and visual tools that can be used to facilitate coordination with neighboring towns.

  • Raise awareness and stimulate discussion about greenways and greenway partnerships. Garden State Greenways resources and maps can be used to promote greenway projects and encourage greenway partners across the state.

Has anyone used Garden State Greenways?

Yes! Maps and GIS data have been shared with Garden State Preservation Trust, the State Green Acres and Farmland Preservation Programs, the Office of Smart Growth, and the Department of Transportation.

Garden State Greenways information has helped to inform a number of important plans such as the Department of Environmental Protection's Open Space Master Plan, the Department of Agriculture's Strategic Mapping for Farmland Preservation, the State Trails Plan, the State Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, and the State Development and Redevelopment Plan.

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