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Planning Tool


In order to help GIS users make the most of the Garden State Greenways (GSG) data, the New Jersey Conservation Foundation has created a planning tool to assist in the ranking and prioritizing of Garden State Greenways hubs. This functionality is embedded in an ArcView 3.x project. The planning tool is written to work with the Garden State Greenways data.

With a click of a button, the tool provides two ways to analyze the Garden State Greenways data. The first allows users to create an equal area classification of the Greenway hubs based on the ranked values of any of the assessment criteria. Either unpreserved or total acres of the hubs can be used for the classification. The second selects a user-chosen number of acres of the top scoring hubs based any assessment criterion. As with the ranking analysis, the user can choose to select hubs based on unpreserved or total area.

The tool can be downloaded here (zip file, 126 KB). It includes comprehensive instructions in PDF format (also available separately (PDF, 146 KB)).

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