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Garden State Greenways Interactive Map


Garden State Greenways Interactive Map.

This map is still under production and the following descriptions may not be applicable.  Thanks to Rowan University for hosting the interactive map. 

If you are not familiar with interactive mapping, take a look at the brief introduction below.


When you first launch the interactive map, the map will appear on your computer screen. You will see the entire state of New Jersey, including counties and the Garden State Greenways connectors. When you zoom in, more data layers, including the Garden State Greenways hubs, roads, topographic maps and aerial photos will be visible. A toolbar occupies the left portion of the screen, the map appears in the main window in the center and the map layer list/legend on the right.


The tools on the left side of the interactive map window help you manipulate the map. Click on a tool to activate it (the active tool will be outlined in red). Some tools work when you click on them in the toolbar, but others only work when you click on the map. The main tools are:

Map Layer List/Legend - - click to switch between the layer list and the layer legend (the legend indicates what the colors and symbols on the map mean)

Zoom In - - click once to zoom in a little, or draw a box around the area you want to enlarge

Zoom Out - - click once to zoom out a little, or draw a box to zoom out (the current view will reduce in size to fit the box you draw)

Pan - - drag while holding down the left mouse button to move to another part of the map

Zoom Out to State - - click to return to statewide map

Identify - - To find out more about a feature on the map, click on this tool then click on a feature in the active layer. The Upland Forest, Forested Wetland, Emergent Wetland and Agriculture/Grassland greenway hubs have a great deal of information associated with them. An explanation of the different columns of information associated with the hubs can be found here.

The other tools in the toolbar provide additional ways to pan, zoom and interact with the data. Holding the mouse over a tool will provide a brief description of the tool.

Map Layers:

The map layers available to you will appear in a list on the right. As you zoom in, more layers, such as aerial photography and local roads, will become available. A check mark in the visible box means a layer is currently displayed on the map. You can toggle the visibility of layers by clicking in this box. If you want to identify or select features from a particular layer you need to click on its active box. Only one layer can be active at a time.

The following layers appear at startup:

Counties - the counties of New Jersey

Upland Forest and Agriculture/Grassland Hubs

Connectors - pathways that connect important hubs

Public and Nonprofit Lands - lands which public entities own or hold easements on, not including military lands. Warning: this layer is out of date and has known omissions. It is included only to provide context for the Garden State Greenways vision.

Other layers become available as you zoom in. These include the other types of conservation hubs indentified by the GSG process - Forested Wetlands and Emergent Wetlands - as well as municipalities, local roads, existing and proposed trails, aerial photographs and topographic maps.

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