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Imagine a New Jersey where every resident can  walk out his or her door and access an interconnected system of parks, trails and protected natural areas, farmland, and historic places.

This idea moves closer to reality through Garden State Greenways, New Jersey’s dynamic online planning tool. Garden State Greenways is a tool for all those involved in conserving open space, farmland, and historic areas.

Garden State Greenways identifies hubs - larger areas of undeveloped land with important natural resource values - and linear connectors between these hubs.

Garden State Greenways provides a statewide vision, suggested goals, detailed maps and powerful Geographic Information System (GIS) data and planning tools to help coordinate efforts of private groups and government agencies.

Garden State Greenways is...

A collaborative planning tool. With it, New Jersey communities can coordinate and plan for open space systematically and cooperatively, across county and municipal boundaries.
A synthesis of information. It provides a statewide vision, suggested goals, detailed maps and powerful planning tools.

A dynamic and user friendly system. It is updated

as new information becomes available, and it can be used and customized by government agencies or private groups.

Garden State Greenways provides...

An interactive statewide map of undeveloped lands (forest, farmland and wetlands hubs) and potential connectors.

Map-based information to assist in open space planning on the local, county, regional and statewide levels.

An open space plan database listing municipalities

that currently have an open space plan.

Garden State Greenways helps improve quality of life by...

Protecting and preserving natural resources while fostering public recreation, tourism opportunities and

health and fitness .

Encouraging a coordinated strategic approach to

open space planning and preservation.

Linking parks, farmland, trails, and historic lands together to form an interconnected system of preserved



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